Video Assistance:
act efficiently, remotely, in real-time

Take control in real-time of your clients’ and collaborators’ smartphones. With FIXEE.AI’s video assistance, support them remotely for greater responsiveness and efficiency. 1 SMS, 1 click, and you are teleported right by their side!

  • Less travels
  • Faster responses
  • More serenity in work
  • Greater customer satisfaction

The simplest video assistance

With FIXEE.AI, drastically reduce the time to handle and resolve assistance requests for your customer service. There’s nothing to install; the solution is extremely easy to use: through a QR code or a simple SMS. Your counterpart is immediately taken care of, and you accompany them in real-time through video assistance.


How does it work?

  1. The customer service receives the assistance request and assigns it to a team member.
  2. The technician contacts the client and sends them a video assistance link via SMS.
  3. The client clicks on the link and accesses the digital intervention.
  4. The technician takes control of the camera and guides the client in resolving their issue.

Boost your efficiency with powerful features

FIXEE.AI’s video assistance is not just a camera. It also includes:

  • a chat to send any type of messages, even after the intervention
  • file sharing to request or submit additional information: photos, voice messages, documents…
  • a pointer to indicate what the client should show
  • an annotation tool to emphasize what matters and retain your knowledge completely
  • completely automated intervention reports

With these tools for seeing and guiding, no more difficulties in understanding and explaining!

A translator in your pocket

Don’t speak the language of your counterpart? No problem! Benefit from an interpreter during interventions. Thanks to artificial intelligence, FIXEE.AI translates written and vocal messages, and soon your live audio discussions.


Manage your activity with comprehensive statistics

It’s often challenging to have a good overview of phone-received requests. With FIXEE.AI’s dashboard, follow in real-time the progress of customer solicitation resolutions: request history, ticket status, advanced filters…

Preserve and reuse your knowledge

After each remote intervention, FIXEE.AI offers to automatically generate a report through artificial intelligence. Your activity is documented in seconds, precisely and synthetically. The perpetually fed knowledge base is instantly accessible by your teams, in all languages. So, when a problem arises again, the information is reused spontaneously, and you already have the answer to provide to the client!


Save time, save money

Become more efficient with the combination of video assistance and artificial intelligence, and multiply the advantages, both for the company and the client!

  • -50% travel expenses
  • +60% productivity gains
  • +30% customer satisfaction

More time, less stress

  • No more unnecessary travels: your technicians qualify the need and assist clients remotely. Their client’s smartphone becomes their eyes.
  • Better profitability: fewer travels mean less money spent and more interventions carried out!

Happier clients

  • Faster responses: intervene much faster and carry out more troubleshooting every day.
  • Better satisfaction: accelerate the handling of requests, and make your clients much happier. They will recommend you!

More serene collaborators

  • Fewer travels, less stress, more time to dedicate to clients.
  • Direct and instant access to the company’s knowledge for better productivity.

Improve your teams’ daily life

FIXEE.AI revolutionizes the daily life of industry technicians. No more tiring travels and approximate advice over the phone. Your teams are confident and serene. And your clients will thank you!

Boost the quality of your customer service today with FIXEE.AI

Test our video assistance tool for free, or request a demo from one of our experts.

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